Expected outcomes from the work of Facilitation Committee

Increased involvement of autonomous and independent CSOs into FAO REU work: Autonomous and independent Civil society organizations from the region are more closely linked with FAO REU, and  provide contributions and inputs (e.g expert advice or direct substantiated evidence from the ground) to country offices and REU.

Increased collaboration between FAO REU and CSOs: Better Involvement of CSOs in policy, normative and technical work at national and regional levels will have a mutual benefit, both for FAO REU and CSO community in the region, for the former- providing direct access to the information on the ground and to direct beneficiaries of FAO activities, and for the latter- a possibility to provide an input into the substantive areas of work of FAO REU, involvement into dialogue with country offices and REU, access to information and policy-making processes and increased possibilities for direct input into these processes (including defining aims, strategies and monitoring indicators)