Concept note

FAO REU-CSO Facilitation (Coordination) Committee –here-in-after referred to as FC

Background and rationale.

It has been recognized and re-affirmed by FAO that CSOs are critical partners across a wide spectrum of activities and are involved in a range of activities at the local, national, and international level. The new Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) approved at UN level, last September, are to be implemented by all the countries of the world, including Europe. FAO has a fundamental role in implementing and monitoring SDG achievements which extends to the role that FAO can now play in monitoring EU policy. It was made clear in the Sustainable Development Goal number 17 that partnership working with CSO's is a methodology for implementation of the Goals. CSOs are critical in putting forth ideas based on a rights based approach towards food security rather than an approach based on economic development. Many CSOs have unique connections with the communities and the population at large and are able to reach the unreached. They are also important advocates in resource mobilization at local, national and international level. CSOs can provide important feedback about the real situation on the ground, thus inform decisions on policy issues. FAO Strategy on Partnership with CSOs indicates that the”Strategy promotes that the views of small farmers, fishers, women, youth and others are brought to the policy, normative and technical discussions convened by FAO”.

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