• Forum on the Women Empowerment, 23-27 September 2017, Rome, Italy

    Forum organised by the Committee on Food Security (CFS)

  • 40th session of the European Commission on Agriculture (ECA) - Budapest, Hungary, 27-28 September 2017

    Main theme: Effect of climate change on transboundary animal diseases (TADs) in Europe and Central Asia.

    • The effect of climate change on animal diseases, trade and food security in the REU region.
    • Antimicrobial resistance (AMR): the loss of a major defence to the emerging challenge? 
    • Disease occurrence tracking, strategic response to TADs and informed decision making 

    Documents for the meeting | More information on ECA

  • International Training on Peasant Agroecology and food and agriculture global governance, 25 September- 7 October 2017, Rome-Lazio region, Italy

    The training is based on La Via Campesina’s ‘Agroecology schools experiences regarding the content as well as the pedagogical principles. The training seeks to bring together members of peasant’s organization worldwide to share experiences and discuss issues related to the global governance of food and agriculture, peasant’s knowledge, peasant’s autonomy, agroecological practices, peasant’s global struggles, local and global food policies, women empowerment and so on. The two weeks training will take place in Rome, where all the food and agriculture related UN bodies are based, allowing the participants to benefit from peasant and activist knowledge from all around the world. The training will be held at the Città dell`Altra Economia in Rome, as well as in partner farms in the countryside, and will combine both theoretical and practical activities. The training program is directed to ca 20 international participants’ mostly small-scale food producers from the Global South. Three member of academic institution will also join the programme in order to benefit from their specific inputs and foster dialogue between researchers and farmers. Gender balance and geographical diversity amongst the participants has to be achieved.

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  • CSM Forum 7-8 October 2017, FAO HQs, Rome – Italy

    Each year the CSM holds its Annual Forum prior to the CFS Plenary Session and it is open to all interested civil society participants of the CSM. This two-days forum is a fundamental moment and space for the CSM. At the Forum, CSOs are able to debate, consolidate, articulate and finalise their positions that will be shared and brought to the CFS Plenary Session. Prior to the Annual Forum the CSM Coordination Committee (CC) holds its annual meeting. The Forum is as well a space for accountability, where CC members report to all participating CSOs about their work, performance and activities. Finally the CSM forum is the space to assess the past processes, to consolidate the common positions for the present and to identify the key challenges and steps forward for the future.

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  • National Workshop - Increase the use of the Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forests among civil society organizations and grassroots organization 24-26 October 2017, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

    The VGGT workshop organized by Nomadic Livestock Keepers' Development Fund. Target group: CSOs, pastoralists, journalists, state and governmental offices.

  • First Agroecology Europe Forum : 25-27 October 2017, Lyon, France by Agroecology Europe

    The First Agroecology Europe Forum intends to bring together actors from a wide horizon, who want to share their views and knowledge to design the agricultural and food systems of tomorrow. Tackling challenges related to global change, environmental issues, consumer and citizen expectations require new knowledge and progress in agroecology. Therefore, innovation is required to develop integrative approaches which bridge existing gaps, to integrate different forms of knowledge from a broad variety of stakeholders, to create new initiatives, and to formulate policy recommendations for new pathways towards sustainable agricultural and food systems. The Forum also aims at the creation of an inclusive European community of professionals, practitioners, and more generally societal stakeholders interested in agroecology.

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  • FAO sub-regional VGGT Workshop - 21-22 November 2017 Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

    The workshop organized by FAO HQ and FAO REU office.

  • Regional Symposium on Sustainable Food Systems for Healthy Diets and Improved Nutrition, 4-5 December 2017, Budapest-Hungary

    The Symposium organized by FAO REU, WHO, UNICEF and WFP.

  • Past Events

  • National Workshop - Increase the use of the Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forests among civil society organizations and grassroots organization in Kyrgyzstan Suusamyr Summer Camp , 24-26 August 2017

    The VGGT workshop was organized by Nomadic Livestock Keepers' Development Fund. Target group: Pastoralists

    ‘Methodology of the workshop based on ‘FAO/FIAN International, 2017. Putting the Voluntary Guidelines on Tenure into practice – A learning guide for civil society organizations, Rome’. and the ‘People’s Manual on the Guidelines on Governance of Land, Fisheries and Forests’

    The issues discussed:

    • Exchanging about the challenges faced by pastoralists in Kyrgyzstan today
    • Identifying the main topics addressed by the Guidelines
    • Linking the reality of the pastoralists and the existing legal framework with the principle of the Guidelines
    • The legal framework for the governance/access to land (pasture) in different regions
    • Cases on tenure problems

  • Informal Consultation of the European and Central Asia Region, Budapest, Hungary 29-30 May 2017
  • Social Protection for Food Security, Nutrition and Rural Development in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, 25/04/2017 - 26/04/2017
  • Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS) Workshop for Europe and Central Asia, 29-30 May, Rome, Italy